Mentor Services
Whether you're an individual or a business member, we want to work with you to secure your future!
Through our mentoring program, our staff will counsel you on current opportunities and career paths
that might be right for you.
We'll also help you in research of possible opportunities and guide you in life matters.

As a business owner, we understand the daily pressures, employee issues, competition concerns and long
list of laws that govern what we and how we do it.

We can help you to grow and market your business, design new services or products and build a plan for better
employee retention, recognition and training.

When you're a member of Private Officer International, you don't have to go it alone! Best of all, there are no fees for
our mentors to assist you!

For more information, please
contact us today!
Cutting Edge Services-Training and Products  For The Security-Public Safety Industry!


Combining physical, electronic, and data security with public safety and law enforcement professionals!
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