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Below 50

SEPTEMBER 17-23 2017
About US
The Below 50 initiative is an extension of several safety and training programs and security officer
memorial recognition services already offered by Private Officer International.

As security, public safety, loss prevention and private police officer assaults, injuries and deaths
continue to drastically rise, we as an organization know that there are steps that can be taken by
individual officers as well as by their employers to stop the tide before it's too late.

Almost 74 % of all on-duty security personnel deaths are caused by trauma including gunshots,
stabbings and brutal physical attacks.

Unfortunately, many of these deaths could have been avoided with proper training and due care
exercised by the employee.
This is why this campaign is vitally important to every security officer and every company who employs
security staff.

Equally important is the pledge to train, abide by company policy and the law and to use the utmost
caution during every shift and on every assignment regardless of how remote or quiet and uneventful
the job seems to be.
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Our Partners

We are honored to have a number of
sponsors who have underwritten this
program and who stand with us in our
mission to prevent injuries and save

If you would like to participate as a
sponsor, please
click here.

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