Our business is solely designed and operated to enhance the professionalism and uniformity of the growing international private security, public safety and law enforcement
Based in Charlotte NC.,Private Officer International stands as a beacon in the night as it addresses the growing need for enhanced private security officer training
standards,security officer recognition and award programs, pay and benefit issues,and other rising issues as this industry continues to rapidly grow since the devastating
events of September 11, 2001.
We have also expanded our services, training, products and memberships to include a wide array of protective services and law enforcement professionals working
collectively to protect life and property.

Along with increased responsibilities, scope of authority and proactive daily demands brought on the private officer by clients, employers and the current times that require
enhanced security procedures, comes the increased need for officer resources, networking, products, communications, safety awareness and the availability for all of these at
the click of a computer mouse.
Founded in 2004 by a 41 year law enforcement and private security veteran, Rick McCann continues as the Chairman of the Board and CEO of this rapidly growing organization.

PRIVATE OFFICER has since its inception offered superb training and services and continues to expand and provide ever changing and diversified services and products to our
industry twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year. We continue to add valuable sworn and non-sworn officer training to anyone interested..
We have also recently added a digital magazine, on-demand video training and Internet radio programs and other mass media platforms to our site as a way to
further provide our services to private officers when the time is convenient for them.

PRIVATE OFFICER INTERNATIONAL was founded as an enhancement to the private security profession and is fast becoming the go to source for security training, news,
products, resources and is quickly becoming an industry leader in the private security industry.

In 2006 The National Association of Private Officers, a professional organization of career private security officers, law enforcement officers,investigators, retail loss prevention
agents and concerned citizens joined the efforts of the Private Officer International network and began to build a foundation for entry level and advanced level front line and
supervisory private and public officers.

Currently, our network offers bi-monthly regional security training seminars, a talk radio program, an enhanced user friendly website used by thousands, news blogs and
news blasts, and interactive channels directed toward the public safety and private security field.

On June 1 2009, The National Association of Private Officers changed their name to Private Officer International to reflect their growing International membership which
includes almost thirty different countries.
Our association memberships and school enrollments have
steadily climbed since our very first year because of our
superb membership benefits, products and services.



•To continuously provide a safe environment for our members and community.


•Members strive to uphold the beliefs of being moral, ethical, loyal, and honest.


•Our community expects our organization to respond in a timely, competent, and proficient manner.


•We deliver our services in a considerate, caring, and sympathetic way.


•Our members are dedicated, committed, and accountable to each other and our citizens.


•The members and organization strive to be diverse, open, fair, and equal.

Customer Service

•Our community is our customer and we can only take care of them if we are a transparent
organization who is committed and effective in service delivery.

The objective of  PRIVATE OFFICER INTERNATIONAL is "to enhance professionalism in the security industry through the establishment of standards, the promotion and promulgation of ethics and
education, and to engage the political process for the good of the industry."
Additionally, we have now added our same determination for the private police profession, investigators, bail bonds and enforcement, campus and school officers, loss prevention and all private
and public professions who work collectively to protect life and property.

The simple, unblemished truth about the whys and who and what for is that we have a vision for the private security industry's future and that of its two million plus security personnel.
Through a strong Code of Ethics for our members, employees, associates, board of directors, officers and vendors, we believe that we can and will change how the business community and the world
around us perceives the security profession and those who are employed in it.
Through our Code of Ethics, unwavering vision, strong commitment and dedication to our goals and our duties,
We Will Accomplish Our Mission!





Cutting Edge


Just a few words that describes
who we are!

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