PRIVATE OFFICER Training Services offers a variety of professional training programs that will enhance your knowledge and skills beyond basic security requirements or "Guard Card" training that may be
required by state license boards, employers or clients.

We have now expanded our professional training by combining many of our programs offered through our sister company, Armour College.

These certification and diploma programs will prepare you for the real world interaction with the overall general public and the various types of contacts that you will have as you provide services to a large variety of
clients and environments, some of which may be basic or entry level security, post access control and general observation, while other duties may entail the more dangerous, higher risk and confrontational security
enforcement, public safety or private police duties.

All of our programs are designed to be interactive with text and video content, research and homework assignments, practical skill testing, tabletop exercises as well as live interaction with instructors as you work your
way through each module.

The on-line classroom allows you flexibility to study and complete assignments in a less restrictive and more personal one-on one basis.

See On-Line Courses HERE
Our "Field Instructors"  provide on-site training for schools, businesses, churches and companies as well as public safety and private police agencies. Most of the curriculum offered through our organization or those
offered through Armour College can be taught anyplace -at any time!
"We Bring The School to You" provides scenario skill based training on location!

Private Officer International also offers numerous professional certification programs to enhance your specific area of security, public safety or private law enforcement which increases your knowledge and your
career opportunities!

Other Training Resources Offered:

Training CD's HERE

Regulatory Training HERE
Active Shooter
Workplace Safety
Private Security and Private Police
Church Security
Emergency Medial-Fire Service
We also design courses to fit the needs of your
business, school or church!

Give us a call for a free consultaiton!

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